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About Us

China Yinsheng International Securities Limited (formerly known as Cape Financial Services Limited) (“China Yinsheng International”) was established in 2005, is a Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commissions (CE: ADJ147) approved company. In 2017, Yinsheng Group became the largest shareholder of China Yinsheng International and recruited international professionals as the core members. We provide asset management services, broker services and advisory services to professional and institutional investors, listed companies, pre-IPO companies and financial institutions.

Our members of the investment team have at least an average of 10 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, direct investment, financing, distribution, fund management and investment/commercial banking, and own a global vision with local expertise.

Our company’s business is Asia-based, in particular in the Greater China. In terms of the asset types, we focus on structuring listed and unlisted products such as private equity fund, asset-backed securities, non-performing assets and real estate projects. Lastly, we also provide institutional investors with a comprehensive trading platform to access the world’s major financial markets.

Looking forward, we will continue to seek for investment themes and opportunities that can create values to our investors.

Our philosophy: Invest in wisdom; fulfill of commitments; and embrace the “impossible”.

Company Advantage

Tailor-made Investment Solutions

Able to provide tailor-made investment solutions for high-end customers, efficient use of funds and reduce unnecessary investment risks, access to the desired return;

Rich Investment Products

Rich investment products categories; providing from the capital investment to the extreme return products;

Efficient Transaction Process

Professional and flexible neutral and background settlement team, for institutional investors to complete the transaction efficiently;

Professional Team

Has a professional team in corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, direct investment, financing, distribution, fund management and investment banking; accumulated over 100 years of experience in Western financial management;

Strong Business Network

We have a close strategic relationship with real estate developers, central enterprises, private equity funds, investment banks, securities companies and private banks. It has certain advantages for customers in the business development process and project exit channel;

Unique Cross - Border Platform

Unique cross – border project investment management and financial product distribution platform;

Strict Investment Processes

Strict investment and risk management processes can efficiently increase the return on investment for customers at low risk.